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October Promo!


Buy a Crumblenomix CD from anywhere PL music is sold! Then leave a 5-star review on music site (like Amazon, iTunes, or GooglePlay) and receive a second album (bonus vintage 1998 release of the Human CD or 2nd copy of Crumblenomix) for FREE as a Thank You!




"I am one of those artists that isn't making music primarily for the money. There are lots of costs involved in producing an album and maintaining a website, etc. and it would be nice to have these costs covered and feel the validation of making more money making the art than the art costs to make. However, the primary motivation is validation of point of view, to be heard by as many kindred spirits as possible, to more easily find others that see the world similarly and identify with each other, to directly connect with other people of a similar ilk and not make money a big issue to share the music with everyone. I hope you enjoy Cumblenomix and thank you for supporting the making of this album.  I truly hope it connects with you."


Here's how the promo works:


1) Buy any Crumblenomix song or album from any online retailer.


2) Send us an email to info (at) paradigmlost dotcom informing us where you are posting a review and if you want another physical CD copy of Crumblenomix or the Human album and where you want it sent.


3) Leave a positive 5-star review on the site you purchased it from (or a different, high-traffic shopping site selling Crumblenomix if you wish).


Crumblenomix is a 45-50 minute industrial pop-rock album with 16 songs ranging in styles from ambient electronica to singer-songwriter, to heavier industrial metal with dubstep breakdowns.  You can sample several songs and a music video or two on this website to get an idea of the PL style.

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